Cities of Gaia

The Need:

There is renewed interest in climate risk from many parties that include non-profits, metropolean areas all over the world, learning institutions, and corporations. Climate adaptation is becoming a billion dollar business, as is disaster preparedness. Mitigation, smart cities and sustainability are back in the spotlight as well.

The basic concepts of how multidisciplinary systemic change impacts our world, including climate, population, energy, economies, and politics are often too complex to appreciate or connect to on a personal level. 

The Solution:

Two new games to understand the complexity and politics of climate risk and limits to growth. Smart Game Systems, Inc. (SGS) recently launched its flagship game Council of Gaia: a compelling semi-cooperative, serious game for four players, also offered event-style. The goal is to best balance resources, managing increasing limits to growth while the entire player group must avoid global catastrophic climate risk.

Cities of Gaia is a more fast-paced smaller card game on similar “smart city” dilemmas that can be played in under 40 minutes and is ideal for event-style learning. Players explore and experience the tensions and challenges in choosing between fuel types, diminishing resources, changes in climate, increasing population, and actual global events much as leaders face while addressing the collective issue of climate change.

The Results:

Two compelling, comprehensive, and fun games where you are the leader of either a nation or city, having to provide for your people, pass laws, and negotiate. 

What makes Council and Cities of GAIA unique are the connections to world events and the damaging effects of climate change that can worsen from year to year, increasing the challenge of the dynamics of the game itself. The potential is limitless for new thinking, systems approaches to problem solving, and awareness of how climate change impacts our world and our place in it.